About Us


 We are two sisters who are coming from a very crafted family. We always like doing things on our own, DIY projects. One day it just clicked and we have started doing some research. The more we learned the more we got into it. I'll be honest, I couldn't sleep because I was busy thinking how my next soap design will be, or be excited about when the shipment will arrive! New essential oils, mica powders... Anyone whose into soap business would understand the feeling.
This job requires lots of patience, and honestly we are not patient ! We like things to be done quickly! But when you truly love something and you know your out come will be worth to wait you definitely learn how to be patient...
Since day one we kept reading, watching and listening others opinions. Everyday there are new to learn and discover. So we will keep doing it!
We are so glad that you are part of this new family !
We will always keep you posted with our progress..

Welcome to the family !